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Introducing the Symbian Bug Squad

March 16, 2010

For those that have been living under a rock for a while, or at least haven’t been following things in the Symbian community; the Bug Squad are a group of volunteers embarking on a mission to locate and fix bugs in the Symbian Platform, and otherwise make a series of small-yet-meaningful contributions.

That aside, our first meeting (via IRC as a back-channel for general discussion, and Skype for group conference calling) was held today, so that people could introduce themselves to each other, and get acquainted with the collaboration process and tools.

Other than some feedback issues with the generic USB microphone (that shipped with a Wii game, of all things) that I’d been using, this combo proved a success, and things generally worked out nicely.

During the conference call, folks were also encouraged to edit a table on a Symbian Wiki page to informally register their participation –  although there were a few issues along the way related to unfamiliarity with the MediaWiki code syntax that were quickly resolved.

We also planned to use WebEx for screen sharing, although that didn’t go down too well with the participants – initially, some of us couldn’t connect properly, and there were issues surrounding authentication.

I ended up having to use Internet Explorer 6, along with yet another ActiveX control, since the Java client wasn’t working properly with Chrome under the VirtualBox machine running Windows XP that I was using.

Thankfully, everything worked out, although there was some indecision as to whether or not WebEx would be suitable for future meetings.

That aside, a lot of stuff also happened on the technical front, which will be elaborated on in this post.

In the meantime, I invite other interested folks to join me in this effort.