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Movin’ On Without You

February 27, 2010

I guess that after the failure of the Open Source project that I founded back in 2008, it’s time to disconnect from that project’s old brand and URL that have followed me around the Web for quite a long time (e.g. as the URL on my Twitter profile, and the URL that I provide when commenting on other blogs, so that BackType accredits comments to me). I’ve already started by creating this blog, and updating the URLs on my Twitter and FaceBook profiles – although making changes that are this far-reaching takes time.

I’ll probably discuss the old project in depth at a later date – but for now, I promise that the content of the project’s site will remain accessible for reference (at least for as long as my host is willing to keep my sites active, and as long as I continue to renew my domain name); although to reduce the load on the hosting server, it’ll be read-only, and most Drupal modules are disabled.