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It’s the End of an Era

June 25, 2010

Apologies for not updating things here as often as I’d have liked, since I’ve been very busy with other, more pressing issues as of late.

I also wanted to try and get this out sooner, rather than later – but I’ve been dealing with a cold, and trying to catch up on sleep; and ended up procrastinating as far as posting is concerned.

That aside, as of 23/06/2010, I’m no longer an FE student of Harrogate College – after spending roughly 3 years there.

But what does that mean for me, from a positive perspective?

  • I finally get a limited amount of time to relax, recover from stress, and contemplate future plans
  • As I now have more time to spare, I am now open to offers from people/organisations who may be interested in working with me
  • I can finally dedicate more time and attention to projects that I am involved with
  • I may even have slightly more time on my hands to blog – who knows?

On the flip-side, this now creates some brand-new issues for me:

  • I now have to reconsider my initial plans of attending my initial choice of university to study either computer science, or computer security; due to not quite managing to obtain 200 UCAS Points – which means that I’ll either have to plead my case, or go elsewhere
  • Due to the aforementioned problem, and the fact that I’m currently living in the middle of nowhere, and pretty much isolated from the rest of society; trying to find meaningful employment is next to impossible (I don’t care so much about pay, as much as not totally losing dignity, and going insane trying to cope with the menial crap involved with being a supermarket monkey, or a burger inversion specialist)
  • Since I can’t travel very far – at least not without being stranded somewhere else for ages, until another bus arrives, I’ll have to find some other way of occupying the next couple of months…

I hope that gives the curious an idea of what’s been going on, so far. Since this post is getting pretty long, I’ll discuss the college and university situation in greater detail in some follow-up posts.


Conficker, It’s a Way of Life

March 27, 2010

Apologies to my handful of readers, for not posting according to my usual rhythm – quite a lot has happened as of late, although I haven’t had a great deal of time to properly mull things over, since I’ve been relatively burnt out.

That aside, I’d like to rant about something that’s made life Hell for myself, fellow college students and even staff, over the past few months – Conficker.

I’ll probably receive some flack over this post, if an incompetent Network Nazi “a highly qualified, professional staff member” (such a thing is rare at this organisation) stumbles upon it, although I’m beyond caring at this stage.

Despite much tub-thumping over self-serving placebo security measures, that end up driving productivity into the ground; this maligned pest has made itself ubiquitous, and made this an everyday occurrence:

As a result, myself and others spend hours each day using tools such as multiple AV applications (usually either an existing copy of Sophos AV – if it still functions, the free-of-cost AVG product, or Avira’s free-of-cost product), WinRAR, Midnight Commander, and Microsoft’s own Malicious Software Removal Tool to remove the offending files (most of which have the System and Hidden FAT FS attributes set), deposited by the malware from our USB Mass Storage devices.

Some of my fellow students enquire about malware removal several times a day (and see the SysAdmins anything up to 6 times per-day), and try hard to keep their UMS devices clean – before they become reinfected within 30 seconds of mounting them on the rather suspicious LAN clients; and others have resorted to bringing their own laptops in order to work.

I don’t foresee this being resolved any time soon , but one thing is for sure – we need all the help and luck we can get, to keep it at bay…