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日本語 Reading List

April 12, 2012

I thought that I’d share a list of interesting-looking books that I discovered in the university library recently, that may be pertinent to others interested in learning the Japanese language (or at least distantly studying it for other reasons), along with some observations about them that I’ve made.

Obviously, I haven’t read everything mentioned here, so I can’t vouch for the quality or usefulness of some items – and I don’t intend to create an exhaustive list of reading materials, or attributes thereof.

With that in mind, here they are:

Japanese for Busy People, Version 2

  • Published by Kodansha in 1994
  • Authored by the Association for Japanese-Language Teaching
  • University library Call Number: F 495.6 ASS
  • Purchasable from Amazon UK
  • Contains dialogues in Romaji and Kana/Kanji with English translations
  • Seems to be fairly easy, and enjoyable to read – but assumes knowledge of at least the Kana character sets from the beginning
  • ISBN: 4770018843

Kanji for Understanding Technical Japanese

  • Published by the University of Wisconsin Press, and the University of Tokyo Press in 1995
  • Authored by Edward E. Daub
  • Seems to have at least 2 ISBNs – 0299147045, and 4130870521 
  • University library Call Number: F 495.6 DAU 
  • Can be previewed on Google Books
  • Consists mostly of Kanji definitions with Kana readings and English translations, and annotated descriptive paragraphs in Japanese
  • ISBN: 0299147045
The Kanji Dictionary
  • Authored by Mark Spahn, and Wolfgang Hadamitzky
  • University library Call Number: F 039.56 SPA – for library reference use only
  • Purchasable from Amazon UK
  • Can be previewed on Google Books
  • ISBN: 0804820589

Essential Kanji

  • Authored by Patrick Geoffrey O’Neill
  • University library Call Number: F 495.61 ONE
  • ISBN: 0834802228
I also have a few others on my list, which I’ll probably share later – although those either had copies readily available at the time when I compiled it (last month), or seemed the most useful.