I have been interested in NFC, and RFID technology for a while, and currently maintain a bunch of Wireshark dissectors for various related protocols.

Although I haven’t updated it recently, I have also placed some “rough-cut” notes on a wiki page of another of my projects that may be vaguely interesting, or useful to others.

I intend to update this page, over time…


  • 1 “TouchATag”-branded ACS ACR122U-FeliCa(4L)A, revision 1.06 card reader/writer
  • 1 MiFare DESFire EV1-based Oyster Visitor transport card
  • 1 MiFare Classic 4K-based student ID card
  • 1 Atmel CryptoRF ISO/IEC 14443-B bare chip (seemingly useless)
  • 1 Atmel CryptoRF AT88SC0808CRF-MX1 8KB ISO/IEC 14443-B tag
  • 1 JCOP-based(?), dual-interface VISA PayWave ISO/IEC 14443-A debit card
  • 2 Atmel CryptoRF AT88RF04C-MX1G 4KB ISO/IEC 14443-B tags
  • 2 Sony FeliCa Lite tags
  • 2 Maxim MAX66040E-000AA+ ISO/IEC 14443-B evaluation cards
  • 2 JCOP-based(?), dual-interface MasterCard PayPass ISO/IEC 14443-A prepaid debit cards
  • 10 “TouchATag”-branded MiFare UltraLight tags

Original Software (General):

  • Basic TAMA shell scripts for attempting to interface with contactless EMV, MAX66040E, and DESFire cards
  • Old code on BitBucket that I created whilst beginning to work with RFID/NFC

Original Wireshark Dissectors:

Wanted (for enhancing Wireshark support):

  • FeliCa Standard cards
  • InnoVision/Broadcom Jewel, and/or Topaz tags
  • ISO/IEC 14443-B-based Calypso transport cards
  • Kovio RF barcode tags (unsure if these will work with my reader)

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